All Things Peace and its UN International Day of Peace Global Broadcast want

to thank Skyler for providing us with his beautiful and moving song “Peace
is the Answer” for this year’s broadcast. Nothing better captures our
message of a future where people will lay down their weapons and choose
peaceful solutions to our problems. Can’t wait for the next one Skyler!

All Things Peace,
Michael Short – Producer



“Skyler is one of the most real people I know. I’m not surprised he had the sensitivity to write a song that so clearly captures every aspect of the warrior journey that is cancer; the light, the hope, the strength. I met Skyler right when I started this journey. He sent me this song. I listened with tears streaming down my face. He got it. He understood. and I knew in this moment I was no longer alone. Someone saw me, saw my beauty and courage in facing this disease. And I was uplifted and strengthened. His words were my words. His harmonies, my heart put to music. Today I just found out I have fought and won. Today I am cancer free and I am listening to his song again and it fills my heart with the same message. It’s still as beautiful, soaring and magic to my heart as ever.There is always hope, there is always love. I want everyone to hear Skyler’s song, to know that they will survive, that there is light, that we are together, and that there is hope. ”




Creative Consultant

Marketing, Design & Events




“Skyler is a powerhouse of positive energy. His message and music moves souls. It’s rare to find a quality entertainer of his caliber who cares so much about people. It really moves and inspires me to look to a bright tomorrow for future generations. I love what Skyler does and I have truly been blessed to be a part of the movement!”

Lew Marklin, Host of Icon News (Dish Network, TUFF TV)

Travel safe and represent at the Classy Awards!!





“Music Can Save the World” is the exactly the type of foundation that can and will unite people. In the 1960’s it was the Music that was the glue and propelled people into action against the war.

In the 1950’s during Civil Rights Movement, music was the uniting factor, when things got really tough music was the uniting factor that expressed collectively how everyone felt. During September 11th 2001 music healed everyone around the world.

Defining moments have always been marked and recognized because of the Music associated with time and space. Music is as necessary as water for survival. Skyler Jett has come up with the ideal solution to create a Foundation where Music will unite and inspire everyone to change the world, one cause at a time.

Susan E. Brown

Director of Special Events

Willie L. Brown Jr. Institute.



Skyler is using his amazing talents to promote the cause of socially conscious music that is so important to our youth.

I support his efforts and our children will benefit.

Ted Fujimoto





“Skyler Jett continues to inspire me with his energy, his dedication and
his desire to help others. On Solutions Radio he uses his talents to add
awareness, inspiration, compassion & connection to many people’s lives.”
-Rick Lukens, United Earth Networks




As host of “Afterthoughts” Radio show, I have interviewed many people from the child next door to celebrities. Additionally, I have played music and promotional materials for many of my guests. But I have never had the outpouring of love, inspiration, and encouragement from my listeners and supporters as I did when I played Skyler Jett’s beautiful song, “I survived” on the show. This song was initially written for those battling deadly cancers but if you listen closely to the lyrics, it can be the theme song for anybody that faced trials and tribulations and have found a way to overcome them. My listeners LOVE this song and have often requested to hear it again. Kudos to the great singer/songwriter Skyler Jett for this amazing piece…

Denice, host of “Afterthoughts” Talk Radio Show



Hi Skyler,

Very exciting news! Good things happen to those who keep the faith and wait patiently. I know that your cause-based music will someday be widely heard and appreciated.

As for our collaboration around GMH, I would love to be involved in whatever your agent is able to arrange.

Dr Barbara Beach




Wow Skyler!

ETERNALLY is SOOOOO beautiful! I know the children’s hospice must be SO happy to have such a moving melody and heart-touching words! It brought tears to my eyes. I would love to do a video to that! I can already see it ….those precious children and their families, smiling faces in spite of their illness….except I’d cry through out the entire editing process!



Dear Friends,

WOW and DOUBLE WOW! More of your gorgeous words and inspiring melodies! AND A VERY NOBLE CAUSE! Bless you for what you are doing!

Caroline Voss, Founder and Director

Post Impressions Productionctor founder andManaging Director founder andManaging Director





Dear Skyler, the tune you wrote and performed for our upcoming film soundtrack, Because They Believed, is phenomenal. It has and will continue to enhance the viability of this film tremendously. Everyone that’s heard it is astounded by your talent and ability to deliver the goods.

We expect to have you release this incredible song for the world to hear after the film has been released.

You are the greatest and the film producer/director and I are deeply indebted to you for your extraordinary talent.

Warm Regards


Multi-Ethnic Sports Hall of Fame