Below are the building blocks to my vision for “Music For Global Change”. I’d like to incorporate these points into my mission statement.


First on my list would be to put music school teachers back into our schools and fund music programs all over the world with this model. We can’t let the lack of money kill a child’s dream simply because it costs too much to educate them. As a child growing up on welfare I understand the terrain well, raised with three other siblings by my mother who was a single parent.

I feel blessed to have been actively involved in the music industry for 42 years now and I understand how change can come about. My incentive to Songwriters and Artists in this mission statement is to outline various ways to provide for your family and effect social change, while at the same time promoting music for the cause of your choice.

In my opinion music is the number one language of the world. Music is not only a educational tool but a healing tool as well. My idea is to take some of the funds and profits from our music industry and bring awareness to social causes all over our planet.

My ultimate goal is to start a ‘good news’ cannel, if you will, called “Music 4 Causes” a radio internet network. It is a place to showcase songwriters’ music and their messages for the purpose of changing our world for the better, giving musicians a platform where their music can affect social change.

In addition, I see monthly interviews to promote products that better our lives, inventions that save the consumer energy and money from some of our worlds best and upcoming innovators. Knowledge is power and sharing it empowers all of us.
Are you ready for the next positive news channel? It’s time to give the bad news some healthy competition – may the best news win!

My goal is to travel the globe teaching ways to improve our music industry and provide cause-based institutions more visibility via our conscious music services.

I also want to improve the state of our music industry and bring awareness to some of the outdated discriminative practices we no longer need since the old way of doing things have all but vanished due to the internet revolution … give thanks!

Here are some examples of internal changes that need to be made expeditiously to our music business.

1} Image
Since our industry injected image on to the scene it’s become discriminative to artists that don’t fit the commercial ‘look’. For example, there may be a child dreaming of becoming a star but they don’t believe they’re attractive enough due to some music executive dictating the marketing brand of the industry.

Music isn’t something you look at, it’s something you listen to. Think about it – if you’re in your car listening to the radio and you surf the channels and find a song that SOUNDS GOOD TO YOU, you don’t give a damn about how that artist looks… do you? if we keep supporting this brand imaging we are going to miss the next Mozart’s music because we judged them on how they looked before they could blossom. We need to stop this practice immediately.

2} Racism
Why is it more difficult for African Americans songwriters and artist to pursue they’re dream of being a Country music or Rock artist? the expectance is closer to Nil, but you can find Caucasians artist thriving in the music industry in Jazz, R/B, hiphop and even Rap music, check out the equilibrium for yourself. music is a language for all of us not just some of us.
it’s time to break dow the barriers and open the doors to all who seek to pursue any genre they’re heart desires.

3} Age Discrimination in music.
Remember music is something to listen to, it has nothing what so ever to do with your age. I have demonstrations for all three of these points that will change these very important issues that have plagued our industry for years.

4} Bring the human sound back to the fore front.
… because” YOU CAN’T BEAT THE SOUND OF A HUMAN BEING.” Last, but not least, this demonstration will prove this poignant point. Technology has destroyed the human element – the emotion – from music. I invite you to test the difference for yourself. Computers have no emotion – emotion can be only be provided by humans. “Frequently imitated but never duplicated” fits the bill perfectly in this instance.

5} Where is the respect for musicians nowadays?
I’m dismayed by dancers getting more respect than musicians these days. Take a look at any one of the award shows for our industry like the Grammies or American Music Awards shows :- they stick the musicians behind a curtain somewhere while the artist and dancers get the Glory.
News flash!!! again without the music what are you going to dance or perform to? … and the disrespect is getting worse by the minute.

With these points above now in writing I’ve learned it’s not about the problem it’s about the solution. Funds are one of the most important components to such an undertaking, however, it’s people who make the world go round and with the help of people all things are possible.

There’s much more refining to do but hopefully I’ve made it hard to argue that the future is all ready here … but only for those that are ready for it.

Peace All Ways,

Skyler Jett.



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